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What’s Happening

What’s Happening

In addition to the extensive selection of books, products, music, crystals more...

The Team at Shining Through through offers weekly, monthly and special events to further support you in navigating your day to day life with more grace and ease as well as deepen and expand your spiritual exploration.

Enjoy enchanting singing bowls with Beatriz's Violet Flame Meditation. Experience first hand the vibration of Divine Love with Mark's Illumination Meditation. Deepen your connection to your Higher Power and allow your recovery to fully take hold with Mark's Eleven Meditation.

Find out more about upcoming events happening at Shining Through below...


Illumination Meditation

Il*lu*mi*na*tion: 1. Lighting or light; 2. The action of supplying or brightening with light or the resulting state; 3. Intellectual or spiritual enlightenment.


Join Mark Engebretson each Thursday as he lovingly reminds you of your true nature. Be supported and inspired to allow the light that you are to shine forth brightly into this world. This weekly session is an energetically infused experience that will Open Your Heart, Deepen Your Connection and Empower Your Spirit.


Other Events

Shining Through also hosts unique monthly events to support the community in even greater ways. Visit our Calendar to keep up to date. 

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